Saturday, October 2, 2021

First Graders Want to Know: How to Start New Sunflower Plants

Last year Bretton planted roasted sunflower seeds. 
Nothing grew!  Why?

Link to Bag of Plants Entry

Here is a sunflower plant from the farm.
How can we get more of them?


Step by step instructions for getting more sunflower plants.

We can harvest some of the "uncooked" seeds from the plant!
We can roast and eat some of the seeds.
And save the others for....later.

Thanks Annmarie and Bill for the pictures.
Thanks first graders for the images.
Thanks Johanna for provoking us to think.
A shout-out to Sandy.
And Becky, thanks for watching over us.

Mulch is Nothing to Fool Around With

First Grade Farmers protect their mulch pile with signage.

Farmers will use the mulch to protect their plants as well as provide a comfy, clean "floor" for the hen coop.

Back in Person: A Chance to Solve Engineering Problems as a Team


Writing of a second grader in Beth's Class. A testament to the  power of being allowed to discover/uncover your own solutions.

Link to Earlier Post Explaining Work

Built and Natural Environment Meet in the School Yard

First Graders work to build homes for "animals" using found materials.  

Students worked in small groups to plan and build.
That's Musa guiding the engineers  to problem solve as a group.

This lucky stuffy found a good home.

The homes ranged from nests to lean-tos to triangular shaped shelters. 

More pictures to come.