Friday, May 22, 2020

Mary Ann's Boat Show

Mary Ann's Boat

Christopher's Map

Viv's Boat

Viv: The boat is magic and the reason why it can have books and suitcases is because they are specially waterproofed. She is going to the rain forest; next to the Red Sea. 

                                                                    Max's Boat

Max Gimbel: 
"This is my boat! I am going to sail on it to London where I was born. When I get there I am going to find treasure!"

Savannah's Speed Boat

Remote Sharing on Farm
Kem is Going to Atlantis for Treasure

Angel's Speed Boat for Treasure Hunting

It was a submarine with wax to "glue" it down and corks when it was time to go back to the surface.

Sharing a Map

Axel is sailing his Viking Ship to the Northern Lights.

Launy's Boat--Wait! What?  A map of the World.  Launy...That's a long trip.  Your boat looks sea-worthy but...

Dottie's Map and Boat

"I have an area to sit. I made it out of a chair and a box.  I’m going to Mexico!"

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Remote Farming...

You can keep Tammy's first graders off of the farm, but you can't keep them from farming. Some snapshots.

The BNS Hens are free ranging it and munching on farm plants. Tammy's kids have suggestions for Johanna.

Plans to keep Hens from eating BNS farm crops.

Don't look so innocent Rubia!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Essential Worker: Johanna!!!!

Essential to the health of the Farm Critters and Crops and BNS students...Johanna has been Zooming with our Pre-K, K and 1st Graders...

Here she is on VIRTUAL Shore Day with Marisol's, Valerie's, Agnes's, Celso's, and Adel's class.  (K students recreated the shore in a corner of their homes.) 
In the spirit of the day, Johanna is wearing her special swimsuit:  a pair of waders.
Even Speckles got into the act.
She is dressed up as a Shore Bird.  Seagull?  Swan?  Hard to Tell.

A student in Doug's class was a little outraged:  "How did you get in? That's not fair!"
Everyone wants to go back to School.

Photo:  by Steve Wilson

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Fifty Years of Earth Day

Animation superimposed on photo of wild monarchs at BNS farms last spring.  Could they be the offspring of the monarchs released by BNS fifth graders Fall of 2019?

Thursday, April 9, 2020

RECIPE: Kindergarten Ice Breaker

Ingredients and Steps:  
1. 12 hours before freeze water in a pint or quart deli container. 
2. Once frozen, put the ice in a basin with water.  Add some cups.

Serves:  One large ice block per child.

Should lead to 20 to 30 minutes of fun exploration. 
Note:  Best on a warmish day. Remind your child not to drink the water. When done, use the water for plants.