Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5th Grade Eco Government Club meets to create Eco Code

Brooklyn New School’s New Sustainable Society

At the Brooklyn New School we want to escalate on the idea of making our school green. We are recycling, composting and gardening; we are also trying our best to save energy by turning off lights. We would like children to stop littering on school grounds and we are planting more plants inside the school building. We want to improve our recycling program and see what we can do about lunch trays. We want to be the greenest school that we can be by having everyone help out with our green environment.

The 5th Grade Eco-Government Club 2013-2014


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  1. Teachers/staff need more education abt. what can be recycled in NYC. I see a tremendous amt. of recyclable plastic containers in the trash in school. Also, plastic bags, which are not recycled by NYC, can be washed & used again, and again.