Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Art & Science Meet

Visit the Art Gallery to see some of the amazing work by our fourth graders done in Art Class with Paola.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Second Grade Naturalists at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Justin Weiner's photos tell the whole story.  No need for any words.


Chalk on the Sidewalk Two

Did you know that over 400 years ago there were streams right where 610 Henry has its main entrance?  Fourth graders do. And they used chalk to tell about it.

Indoor Shore: Hermit Crab Study or STEM?

                                                           A problem.


A solution.

Chalk on the Sidewalk

                                                                      GREEN RECESS ART!

Another One Day in the Life of the Hudson

Conditions were too difficult.

All 120 BNS fourth graders took part in the October 16th event.  That is our Johanna and Justin T. Herne, NYS DEC employee, seining in the waters near Valentino Pier.

We surveyed animals in our BNS Oyster Restoration Cages instead.

Sorry:  This wouldn't stay rotated.

Students were happy to find out that the pH was neutral.

"Sometimes the water in the Hudson is like baking soda. Sometimes it is like laundry detergent.  It's good when it is not either."

But dismayed at all of the plastic that Professor Barent Roth and Marian, his student helped them trawl for.

"After you are done with something don't just throw it on the ground cause it is going to end up in the water."