Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fourth Graders Take a Trip Back 350 Years...

If you can tune out airplanes and highway traffic, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge can transport you to another time...a time when Brooklyn had wetlands and woodlands...

Fourth graders took time to reflect and draw and use a new tool...binoculars.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kids Construct Plants Out of Wood at...Construction Kids

Farmers use wood as a medium to show their understanding of plants.  Some of the plants turned into amazingly fantastic sculptures...with a plant like quality.

Construction Kids

Artificial Wetlands Are Better Than Nothing

Fourth graders are beginning to connect the pollution in the Gowanus with the disappearance of wetlands.  This activity has kids analyze how well different materials can stand in for wetlands by slowing down, absorbing, or filtering water.

What's inside of a seed?

First graders hypothesized and then dissected to find out.  Many students thought they would see seeds within seeds within seeds.  Others thought that they would see roots. One student thought there was green stuff that became leaves and brown stuff that was soil.  

 Once they saw the baby plants some were upset that we were discarding them.  

Next week they will experiment to see which part of the seeds are important to get the baby plant growing.  Perhaps they will forgive for trashing the seed remains.