Thursday, January 17, 2019

Farm Share 2108

Thank you farmers. Thank you cooks.  And artists, and writers, and scientists, and musicians. 

Making Paper with Leek and Other Fibers

Plant Part Sculptures.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Trout in the Classroom Visit

Lillit Genovesi of Trout in the Classroom visited all fourth grade classrooms to answer their trout questions and to help them imagine life as a hungry trout in the cold waters of Upstate New York.  

Students had to I.D. macro-invertebrates that are food for the trout!  They made a chart to show all of the critters that are part of the stream eco-system.

Students had questions about trout care; 

But some had ethical questions.  Is it wrong to raise trout?  Here are some student opinions:

It is bad to raise trout because their predators aren't in the classroom.  They need to learn how to protect themselves.  

It is good because the tank isn't that different (from their habitat).  Their moms don't teach them to protect themselves and it is fun for us to watch them grow up.

My opinion?  It is less about raising trout and more about raising students who are aware of the importance of healthy waterways.  Bonding with trout makes the need for clean water more relevant to 9 year olds.

Thank you Lillit for all that you do to help us!  

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Simply Fabric: Remembering How to Play

Did you ever throw a piece of fabric over your shoulders?  Wrapped it around your waist?  Or covered your head? Placed it over two chairs to create a tent? If yes, then you will understand how transporting and transformative that fabric can be.  If not, check out what these students are doing.