Saturday, December 13, 2014

Changing T.P. to Writing Paper

Too many giggles to the term toilet paper forced us into using the abbreviation T.P.  But sheer joy took over as students in first grade repurposed T.P.  What has this to do with their plant study?  Kids knew that paper is  made from plant fiber.

Be on the look out for paper products from first graders.

K Students Use Found Objects to Build Fantasy Bird Houses

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tree Pit Work Continues...

Thanks to the New York City Daffodil Project, 4th graders were able to plant daffodils in the tree pits around our school.  They are working in small groups with Johanna.

 Can't wait until spring...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Potato Exploration with First Graders

Using a balance to find out how heavy...

Finding how far around...

First he tried to use pencils, but selected a string instead.

One student counted notches in string; another used  a train of cubes to measure.

This student traced the potato and put a number in each box around the potato outline.

This student carefully moved a small cube around the potato to get 37.
This student measured 9.  Time to share strategies ....

Steamed potatoes and toppings were part of the exploration.

Students sketched with sharpies and added a water color wash.

Cutting pieces of potatoes with eyes to plant and checking out the growth of their garlic and onion bulbs.
Bulbs are going home with students.  Check out this link if you are interesting in indoor garlic gardening.

Late Fall/Winter Crops Need Protection

 Scarecrow, made by first graders,  is on the job.

Evidence shows that beds Scarecrow is protecting are undisturbed by birds....

Green Studio Turns into Paper Recycling Factory

First they ripped used paper into tiny bits.
Factory work can be tedious.  Teacher made it more fun by personifying the paper.  "I am too big.  Rip me more."

Then they made pulp by shaking the paper with water.  

Another tedious factory job made fun by adding music and dance.

Then they used a deckle and mold to pull sheets of paper.

Students worked in pairs.  Here they are working to squeeze sponges.

 Students had lots of reasons why using recycled paper is better for the environment.  But as they worked they  were asked to think about how much water it took to make the recycled paper....We hope that  are on their way to be more thoughtful users of paper.