Saturday, May 11, 2019

No Trash Day Spearheaded by Two Third Graders

Social action taken by two students concerned about BNS trash led to a school-wide "trash" awareness day...

Every room's trash and recycling pails were placed upside down in the hallways. Staff and students had to initial their names on a chart each and every time they had to throw "away" or recycle something,  And they had to walk to the central recycling area in the hallway to do so.

What follows is a time line of events 
leading up to May 2nd's No Trash Day.

Emma and Delphine were the third graders behind No Trash Day.

Brainstorming solutions...

Getting the boss on board...

Presenting the No Trash Day Plan at a Staff Meeting

May 2nd No Trash Day

Only the hallway bins were open for "business".

Classroom and office pails outside and upside down

Rehearsing PA announcement

Emma and Delphine debriefing Steve

Informal debriefings and observations -- BNS staff members thought twice before taking the long walk to the hallway center and wound up reusing something.   Custodial staff thought that the amount of  recycling and trash seemed less.  Classroom floors looked cleaner.

Next up:  A more formal report.

Mini Nature/City Scape Sketches

Paola inspired her 2nd and 5th grade students to capture nature in mini-sketch books using fine point marker.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Too Big To Fit

Johanna needed convincing.  A whale cannot fit into a 10 gallon tank.  Even a 14 foot baby.  So these K students showed her.  Shirley!

Fourth Grade Environmentalists Create a Web Site

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Children of BNS, 

We, a few 4th graders in Josh and Cora's class, are overjoyed to announce a project we've been working on since March. It is a website that we call the BNS Climate Journal. We thought if we announced the problems of our planet openly to the world we could make a difference. The topics that our website contains include water overuse, combined sewer overflow, and plastic in the ocean. The website is live right as you are reading this and we hope you get to reading the amazing articles we and our friends have worked so hard to create. 

With thanks,Narwhal, Noie, Langston, Anna, Madeleine, and Hugo

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Rain Drops Keep Falling

Second Graders become drops of water that keep going through different phases as they travel from glacier to cloud to ocean and so on.  

Each student put labels on a "passport"  to keep track of the stops along the way.    

Teachers read this book...

And then sent kids off to write about their adventure.  Some can spend a long time frozen in a glacier or hanging out in a cloud...

We used to use pony beads to keep track...too plastic.  We are going to use stamps and ink pads next time!

Kids wrote or drew about part of their travels.

Thanks to Tania Kamensky for making the dice!  And to Maria for convincing me to resurrect this game.  And to Amanda for the photos.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thank you Gerstner Family Foundation

Students using latest equipment for physics.  Magnetic pipes! Paid for by a generous grant from The Gerstner Family Foundation.