Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Won A Green Flag

green flag

The National Wildlife Federation and Eco-Schools awarded it just this week. But it was earned by 10 years of dedicated efforts of the parent volunteers and staff members of the BNS-BCS Green Committee;  the Sustainability Coordinators--Matt and Johanna; our PTA; the administration--Anna and Regina--; teachers and other classroom staff; Dave and the rest of the custodial staff; Beverly and the cafeteria staff; and, of course, our inspired and inspirational students and parents.  Accomplishments:  A farm, pulp trays instead of foam, getting rid of PCBs in our lights, energy reduction, recycling and composting; an outdoor classroom; a Green Studio for sustainability project work, a solar installation, the Ecorama June Fair; Farm to Cafeteria Day... 

We still have a lot to do and we will need the support of the community.  Look for specifics to come.

First Grade News...Even More

Johanna challenged students to sort through paper recycling to find what belongs, doesn't belong, and what can be reused. (Don't was a simulation--nothing dangerous--and they wore gloves.)

Well-Balanced First Graders

Using objects from nature, first graders find balance and beauty.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Being Sustainable Means You Can Use Tools to Build, Repair, Reinvent...

And Kindergarteners are learning how to use  tools with Johanna and Charles in the Green Studio.

 They can choose to build a birdhouse of their design or something for their Teddy Bears.

Students learn how to hammer and saw.  

You can't change the channels on this flat screen TV yet.  Not until the student builds the remote.

An open air castle.

Train car

Another train car..
A castle with a cork doorknob.

Bunk Bed for a Bear Sleep-Over

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eco-Action Team Student Members Conduct Waste and Consumption Audit

We are working on getting an Eco-Schools Green Flag.  To do so, we are completing an audit of waste in the lunchroom and other BNS areas.  Have we improved our stats?  We will let you know.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Necessity and a Fifth Grader Lead to a Great Invention

For two years, we have struggled with a too small sink.  Then  a fifth grader solved the problem using pipes that we have had in the Studio for months! Ta-Da!   Filling a bucket is a cinch now.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fourth Graders Create Eco-systems

After learning about energy/food cycles in eco-systems, 4th graders choose from among a number of critters, plants and fungus. Can they create a healthy, well-balanced eco-system? Playing Mother and Father Nature is difficult.

Taking notes on whether or not their critters, plants, and/or fungi are thriving.

Playing with Mud: A Perk of Being a Member of the Green Committee

Amy is getting soil ready for 4th grade mini ecosystems.  You can have fun too.
Volunteer by contacting:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Challenging Comment--Time for Eco-Action

Teachers/staff need more education abt. what can be recycled in NYC. I see a tremendous amt. of recyclable plastic containers in the trash in school. Also, plastic bags, which are not recycled by NYC, can be washed & used again, and again.

We usually don't post anonymous comments; but this comment rightly points out that our recycling program is something that the BNS-BCS Green Committee volunteers, BNS Student Eco-Government Club,  our First Graders and the entire school community need to continue to improve.   Under the leadership of Johanna, many new initiatives are being planned to educate, yes the grown-ups, as well as the students how to reduce consumption and if necessary, recycle properly.  We hope that you give up your anonymity and actively join us in making BNS even greener.