Saturday, September 30, 2017

Write On!

Kindergarten students observed some critters from the shore.  They grabbed their hand lenses and their notebooks to record.  Next step: students will help create a habitat for the hermit crabs to live in.


The marks show where the crabs have been!  Jane Goodall to be.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

"Did You Get This From a Beach?"

A privilege to work with Kindergarten students who took some sand, pebbles, shells and water turned them into...sensory experiences, experiments in floating and absorption, beautiful arrangements and...

A chance to reconnect with old friends., or  make new ones.

Farm Hunt Leads to Surprises

First grade farmers looked  for tools, colors, and used their senses to fill out a scavenger hunt sheet.  They were then asked to name what surprised them the most.  And the answers are:

"Two apples growing together."



"Basil. These leaves are [so] good."

"The big yellow flowers."

"Edible flowers."

"Spiky cucumbers."



                          "The Dead Flower."


"A pumpkin.  Or is it a squash?"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Out of the Markers of Babes

One of the 100 pickets created by fourth graders. 

Wishing you the greenest of summers from the Green Studio 106A.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Leaf Cutter Bee Builds Brood Cell at BNS

Here is picture of BNS brood cell:

How do you know if you have leafcutter bees?

Leaf cutter bees cut these leaves to make nesting chambers.

Copyright Bob Peterson

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Billion Oyster Project: Kaelyn's and Eva's Citizen Scientists

Students connect the trash filled water and recent storm.

Our portion of the hoped for 1 billion oysters is quite small...around 45 of them. But they are paving the way for more. Our data will be used to determine if our site is a good one to re-establish these water filtering, reef habitat building, flood preventing species.   So we were told by John and Ella, two BOP associates.

They need eco-sausages around here to absorb the stormwater.

Ella and John explaining BOP  project.  

John opening oyster cage.  Ella was there too.

Ella !

Ella being documented documenting fish found in cage.

The fish we found was a blackfish:  (Tautoga onitis)

Counting and measuring oysters.

Looks like we didn't lose any oysters and each string gained mass.

Robert, BNS dad, and scientist helped kids measure water quality

After measuring  kids sieved the water surrounding the cage.
We found anemones, barnacles,  newly forming mussels, and amphipods.

Found evidence of oysters spawning.
Excited to be "oyster uncles."