Friday, July 8, 2016

Have A Great Summer

Carmen wearing her well-deserved Golden Apple T-shirt.

Ecorama 2016: A Tradition Continues

Fifth Graders sharing their stop motion Climate Change Animations in Eco-Casita.

And showing off pull tab bracelets and necklaces made at the crafts station.

Weaving with "yarn" made from plastic bags.
Repurposed perfume bottles become terrariums.
Making music with  repurposed metal household objects.

Felting with Amy John!  Look for wall hanging soon.
Shell prints in clay...simply fun fossils.

Waiting for photo sensitive paper to create image.  
What's cooking?  BNS sun baked nacho chips.
Where's Ralph?
Don't know who worked harder...the kids or Bill...but the smoothies were worth it.

Fresh greens from BNS Farm.

Taking time out to water said greens.

Receiving The Golden Apple Award for Teaming up to Clean Up from the D.O.S.
Wouldn't this be a good annual tradition?  Let's go for it.

Thanks to Amy Binin and Amanda Romani for photos. Thanks to Amy Sumner for technical help.