Sunday, March 30, 2014

Participatory Voting: Pick Industrial Shredder Supported by BNS-BCS Green Committee

Follow the link below to hear and see Amy Plattsmier describe the MUFFIN MONSTER.

Industrial Shredder

The Muffin Monster was funded! 

What Happens to Buried "Trash"

What will decompose?  What will remain unchanged?  First grade students place lettuce, bread, paper, aluminum foil, and Styrofoam in containers with damp soil.  

Results were as expected except...

Much to everyone's surprise...some seeds started to sprout...Where did they come from?

Green Potting Project: Day 2

Taron and his group of BCS students returned to work with K students from MaryAnn's class.  

After Picture

These potted plants will soon be found all around 610 Henry Street...from the 1st to the 5th floor.

                                                                     Before Pictures

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fifth Graders Start Their Study of Climate Change...

...By exploring static electricity.  Why?  Fossil fuels are burned to produce current electricity--and they  produce greenhouse gases.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


BCS WITH BNS! Mentoring for REAL-YMI students collaborate with Mary-Ann's kindergarten class to create pots that will be filled with plants to green both schools.

Mentoring Hand

Taron, MaryAnn, Johanna who put this all in motion.


Cool glasses!
Reading together  while flower pots dry.

Teddy Bear Loves Science and Sustainability

Another reason to explore science/sustainability with kids.  What is the tape on the K bear's eyes?  Not cataracts...

Each K student has a Teddy Bear to help her or him learn empathy. Empathetic people try to live in a sustainable manner..  They clothe, house, and nurture their bears. What's the tape on this K  bear's eyes?  Science goggles.. (We study chemistry...students learn that some chemicals are good for you, some are bad, and some are meh.  And that some should stay out of your eyes!)  

More K Structures...

canopy bear bed

bunk beds

airplane w/ movable wings

bear bus... w bottle tops

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fourth Graders Deconstruct Eco-systems

Looks like decomposers did better than the consumers...
Animals will be kept for next year.

Wood Structure of the Week?

Studio 106A is filled with K woodworkers on Fridays.  Here's a picture of Charles, who with Johanna, leads students through the planning and building process.

And here's a cool looking limo.  Seats turn so passengers can chat with each other.  Luxurious!

This Could Have All Wound Up in the Trash

Instead, first graders used the salvaged found objects to make marble mazes...

Marble mazes follow the laws of physics and  don't require batteries.They are green fun.

 Well we did use some electricity to hot glue the maze pieces in place.  And some parent volunteers' energy too!

Gowanus Creek vs. Gowanus Canal

Fourth graders are thinking about the Gowanus Canal and how it got that way...
What Used to Be Here? is just the first of a number of signs that teach about the history of the creek and canal.
(Go along Smith Street across from the elevated F-train to read for yourself.)

Students are wondering what positive changes 400 years have brought.

They can't find many positives, but despite that they manage to smile for the camera.

Monday, March 10, 2014

It is Only Garbage When You Throw it Away

First graders are looking through paper recycling cans to figure out what belongs and what can be reused.
They will be creating posters helping us all learn.

Making suggestions for helping the  BNS  community to do a better job of keeping paper out of the trash.

Could you reuse these rolls?  First graders have lots of ways to keep them from becoming trash.