Saturday, November 22, 2014

Daisy Troop Donates Money to Green BNS

The BNS-BCS Green Committee
610 Henry Street
Brooklyn New York 11231

November 19, 2014

Dear Daisy Troop #2937,

Thank you so much for your wonderful donation of $110.
We are so glad that you care about making the world greener. And that you are willing to give up your time and money to help.

The Green Committee will be voting on how to spend the money. We will think of a way to make the Kids' Kitchen a better place for children to have fun cooking. And a place where they can learn about healthy eating.

Once we decide we will send you a letter letting you know how we spent your generous gift.

Thank you again.


Picture that came with donation shows two Green Committee members doing their thing.
Recognize the woman on the left?

This goes under the title of Repurposing...

For years, the 3rd grade teachers have been showing students the color of light by giving them purchased diffraction glasses.  And for years, students have been asking where they can buy a pair.  This year, one inventive student built his own pair with an old CD...

Plea:  Don't build your own until your child has finished the 3rd grade light study!  

First Grade Farmers Harvest Sunflower Seeds

First farmers, led by Johanna, harvested BNS grown sunflower seeds using tweezers.

Then students went down to the Kid's Kitchen to prepare the sunflower seeds for roasting.

Beverly, the BNS/BCS cafeteria manager, joined the students. Her white coat fooled the kids into thinking that Beverly was a doctor.  A likely mistake. 
Fellow chefs sharing a moment and a recipe.
Nutrition and Botany and Agriculture Make a Beautiful Still Life...
Photos by Johanna.


Bulb Party

A celebration of  plant bulbs has been going on in the GREEN STUDIO as first graders explore this plant part.

You can really zoom in on the leaves and stem inside of an onion if you print with them.

Internet idea that really worked!  Stick a fork in it....

No party is complete without tasty snacks.  We toasted bread and rubbed garlic on it.  Johanna told students to smell the toast to be sure that they rubbed enough garlic on it.  Then dip the bread in some olive oil with oregano and a garlic bulb clove and eat.  We also reviewed flowers by dipping raw cauliflower.

Bad picture but great smile.  Had to post it.

Hmmm...More garlic?  

Serious chef.
Students each planted a clove of a garlic bulb and a small onion in a bed of damp cotton.  One student invented a way to keep water from evaporating...putting cotton in the holes!  We all followed suit.

A party needs a lot of adult helpers...thanks teachers, paras, student teachers, and other volunteers.

Another popular event at the party was drawing about your "invented plant."

For some reason  Noon named his  plant  Steve.  Which made the party goers even merrier.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

More K Bird's Nests

At the right is the bird that lives in the nest with its bark wings and tail.

This is a pirate's nest.

The acorns protect the birds from rain.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Updated Pictures on Rapeleye St. Yard Progress

We are looking forward to planting all of the new beds. 

At long last a spigot...

Click here to see pictures from last month.

Fourth Graders are Working to Make BNS Tree Pits More Absorbent...

In order to keep stormwater runoff from overwhelming our sewage treatment plants...

Students loosened compacted soil.

And they added compost.

They planted daffodil bulbs.  It seems daffodils help keep soil from getting compacted.

And they raked leaves and picked up trash.

And gave their trees a big hug.