Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stormwater Runoff

Fourth Graders modeled the problem and the solutions based on a New York City Environmental Protection Agency activity.

Straws stand for pollution.

Make it rain on a typical urban hardscape.  (We switched sprayers out.  Instead we used 250 mL cup of water poured into a cup  with holes.)

Next step:  Measure how much rain ran off.  Then use sponges to stand for features such as tree pit bioswales, green roofs, blue roofs, permanent pavers, rain water collection system.

Make it rain again.  Remeasure water. 

 New York City Environmental Protection Agency Lesson Plan.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Go Green Cars Go

Found Materials. Wind Power.  Repurposed Wood.  How green can first graders go?

What belongs in the compost bucket?

A first grader answers.  (in his pajamas.)

One Well

Balletic movements help plant seeds.

Fourth Graders Visited The New York Hall of Science Connected Worlds exhibit. 

Their task:  Bring life giving water to each of 5 biomes.   As long as they can keep water flowing in each, fantastic plants  and critters can flourish. Why? All of the worlds are connected...Earth has only one well of fresh water.  An important lesson for kids and grown-ups.

Interactive screens detect movement not touch.

Pillows are  pipes directing water.