Saturday, February 11, 2017

Worm Composting: Classroom Bins

Nature's recyclers are helped by students...
Here a bunch of first graders set up classroom bins.

Harvesting compost and getting worms for indoor bins,

Checking on Bins

Fifth Grade Green Club Takes On Recycling Room by Room

Can by can...

Room by room...And it seems to be paying off.  Signs are popping up all over.

Which fish are best for a class aquarium?

BNS Parent and Marine Biologist, Reyhan Mehran, helped answer Kindergarten students' questions.

Which of the list of fish researched will be best?

Questions students were wondering about.

What did you learn from Reyhan?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Seen Hanging in the Principal's Office

Flour, Bird Seed, Water, Syrup on a Twig...Food for Birds

Kindergarteners see lots of birds at the shore.  They know that some birds stay in NYC all winter long. Here they are making feeders for those birds who do.

Messy work ...but someone has got to do it.

Come and get it.