Monday, November 28, 2016

Green Recess Spills Over Into Lunch Recess

Thanks to Diane, older students have been using green recess materials to make plain old recess more fun!  Naturally.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Is Your Child Eating More Veggies Lately?

Which apple do you prefer?


Could be a result of Farm to Cafe Day!

Who do you have to thank? 

MS 51 teacher and a cadre of 10 students helped.

Volunteers Set Tables with Fall Produce

Looks like harvest decor whet these appetites.

Squash soup rated yummy.
Lots of volunteers helped serve.

I didn't ask.  Just took picture.

Another volunteer!

Alex, 4th grade teacher, and volunteer sticker "er".

Potato salad smile.

Meh for the dressing...

What do your stickers say?

First Graders wrote up menu and other signs.

More MS 51 students.

And of Course...

 DOE School Foods Staff who prepared enough food for BNS and BCS !

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BNS is part of BOP

Robert Buchanan

BOP? Billion Oyster Project that is. As part of their Water Study, fourth graders will help monitor a net of oysters.  Hoping that these filter feeders, and keystone species, will once again flourish in local waters. On Election Day, Robert Buchanan, Field Technician, BOP, led BNS 4th grade teachers through procedures and protocols.

These are our oysters.  Getting base line data.

Counting oysters not as easy as you think.

Graduates ready to work with their students.

Bye Bye Oysters til later.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Art? Science? Sustainability? All Three

First Graders predict and dissect to see what is inside of a bulb.

Third Graders Have Begun...

Paper Recycling Rules Handout.

Each day, lunchtime recyclers...two from each 3rd grade class...are checking on recycling bins on the 3rd floor. Thanks to Ita, school psychologist, and member of the 610 Henry Green Committee.
Beth looks pleased.  A good report?

Nancy pondering the list.

Johanna encouraging workers.

Paper is collected in large recycling bin.