Saturday, April 29, 2017

Defying the Laws of Physics

Here's the step by step pictures showing how Kindergarten students built a variety of structures including the seemingly gravity defying one on the right.


Fourth Graders Visit Former Reservoir

There were many cools things about the visit to the Ridgewood Reservoir.  In addition to being a beautiful place to be on a misty day, kids got to trace their drinking water's trip from the Ashokan...their camp this former site of the Brooklyn reservoir. Students used drinking straws to construct an aqueduct system, one team at a time. Then they joined their systems into one; superimposing it on top of a large map of the NY State water shed.

(As an aside: This blogger learned that her drinking water came from this Reservoir up until the late 1950s. And that someone's grandmother remebered swimming there!  Yikes!)

 Link to NYCH2O Field Trips

Pump Station

Attention Green Recess Attendees and BNS Farmers...There is a new piece of equipment around...


Mud Kitchen Recipe


A bunch of kids.
Willing grown-ups.
A lot of water.

Best if you remove socks and shoes.

Mix well.

Allow at least 30 minutes.
Hose to clean up.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Source of Renewable Energy: Fifth Graders

Fifth graders know that renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar energy will be around long after coal or other fossil fuels are used up. They also know that renewable energy has its challenges. Here they are using wind generators and solar cells to power motors and lights.
Trouble shooting

Fan hat!

Not enough wind...have to run to make enough electricity to light the bulb.

Getting the right angle helps get electrons flowing.

Too cloudy for solar cells.  Too still for wind.  Time to run.