Monday, February 8, 2016

Following in Third Graders Footsteps...

First graders analyze quality of recycling on the second floor. Look for changes in the near future.
Kids like the pictures...but decide there has to be a trash can to make sure folks recycle.

Regina in the main office shows her bins to  first graders.  No word on how well she is doing.

Not even the payroll secretary can avoid first graders' scrutiny.

 The staff lunchroom is under scrutiny too.

 Turns out that teachers  "need improvement" as they are far from "secure in their mastery"of recycling.

Pipes: Theme of the Month?

It sure looked that way!

First Kindergarteners took a trip down to the basement to see where BNS water comes from, how it is used to heat our building, and where the waste water goes.

Mazda enthralls everyone.


 Then, second graders tried to design ways to get water from a fresh lake to their island homes.

And...fourth graders got a visit from Murray Lantner to learn about how our waste water system works (and doesn't work).

Take away:  Don't litter, don't use "flushable" wipes, and forget about dumping grease down your drain.

Where Does Our Garbage Go?

First graders visit SIMS Recycling Center to find out.
Eadaoin Quinn, SIMS educator, leading a game of "Sort That 'Garbage'.

Our kids already know a lot!
Then into the recycling area itself.

Bundle up...the recycling plant is open to the outdoors.

A little smelly and noisy.

But cool!

Then,  back indoors to work with model conveyor belts, sorters, and go on a scavenger hunt.

Photos of Doug's  and Bill's class by Alex, an ICE intern.
All four first grade classes will go as part of their Recycling at BNS Study.