Saturday, January 30, 2016

Snow Day

J.E. organizes Green White Recess Fun.  

Gathering to meet to find out choices.

One choice:  Snow sculptures using snow bricks made in pails,

Another choice:  Clearing a path.

Or, try sledding using "old school" cardboard or plastic bins.

Don't worry:  vigilant grown-up is nearby.
And the always popular choice no matter the season:  moving water.

Goodbye until next time.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Speaking About Sustainability...

Getting hides ready for a bag? moccasins? 

We do more than talk the talk at BNS. Fourth Graders learn how Lenape and other Northeast Native Americans live sustainably in nature.  These projects are being carried out under the direction of Primitive Technologist,  Nancye Good.


Hanging Softened Hide to Dry.

Basket making.

Lashed tool for farming? 
Flint Knapping?

Hunting spear.

Be sure to visit the 4th Grade Museum to see these and many other projects.

Bill and Doug Farm Museum

As promised, pictures from one more first grade farm celebration.

Some students built indoor planters.

Worms at Work.

Worm composter sharing info with museum visitors.

One of the chefs.

Student created recipes using plant parts.

Not pictured:  hoop house project!  

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dried Flower Book Marks

Made by Jenny's first graders with flowers grown and harvested on BNS farms....

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Grade Farmers Celebrate Their Fall Work

Each first grade class celebrated the harvest in its own way.
Abby and Tammy helped their students organize a farmer's market.

Food, art, fruit drinks, cookbooks, and wrapping paper were on sale. 

Students harvested, dried and packaged seeds from plants grown at BNS.

Wheat grass for pets was a popular item.

Jenny's class created an ABC book featuring plant parts.
Students and visitors feasted on the 26 foods.
The foods were prepared by the students in the Kids' Kitchen the day before.

T is for tomatoes.

Y for yams, W for watercress, L for limes, M for mangoes....

Whipped cream? That's not from a plant.   It had Vanilla in it.

Hopefully, celebratory pictures from Bill and Doug and Helen will be posted soon.