Sunday, January 22, 2017

Teaching Outdoors is In at BNS

Gravity.  Friction.  Ramps.  First Grade Students work on these concepts both Outdoors ...

And Indoors...

Photos from Bill, Johanna. Video from Helen.

At Third Grade Recess...

Where Science (Sound) and Social Studies (African Cultures) and Play meet.

 as captured by Diane

Saturday, January 21, 2017

First Graders Are On IT!

Checking posters 

On What?  The Second Floor.
First, they reviewed how and what to recycle. 

Only plastic bags in there?

How well is staff doing in their Lunchroom?

And how well are students in Cafeteria doing?

How is recycling going in  the hallways?

Pretty distressing:  An adult put a dirty coffee cup in paper recycling.

Oh No...a dirty towel. Very coffeeish...

Who is teaching whom?

After the fact finding tour, A First Grade Team, checked on paper recycling just as their Third Grade compatriots do.  Just announced Friday afternoon on the PA system:  "All of the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors got Checks for paper recycling."

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Naturalists Explore Water...the Frozen Kind

What better way to start off a unit on water...

Snow boarding on cardboard

Can you get the snow to melt?

Building structures with snow blocks/bricks.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Paper Recycling Up-Update

A downturn in number of bins free of improperly recycled paper.  Lots of used tissues found in paper bins.  Could it be lots more sniffles?  Or just a need for a reminder?  

One group of recyclers, (Iris and Oona) has written this song to help nip this problem in the bud. Promise to record the songwriters singing it, so you can hear the tune for yourself.  

Don't put trash in the recycling.  (3x)

Only clean, dry paper is good. 

 So let's help stop global warming.  

And keep your dirty tissues in the trash.  

Don't put trash in the recycling.  (3x)

Earlier Entry

Paper Recycling Update

Third graders fill 2nd graders in on recycling rules.

Recycling efforts are paying off.  Thanks, Ita!

Then it's off to Collect, Check, and Push.

Hope that is a green pencil.  

Adults get update on how things are going.

One thumb up.

Make that two thumbs up.

Each week data is collected and graphed.  Recycling efforts are paying off.