Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Pre-K Pipe Explorations...

Pipe explore.

Can we move water this far?
Mazda and Hank conferring with students.

Checking out pipes under sink.

Some are hot.  Some are cold.  

Look what I drew.

Where does the dirty water go?  Where does the clean water come from?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Green Award!

We have spotted lots of critters (not including those  furniture building fairies.)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pre-K Students in Amy's Class Launch an Inquiry into Pipes

 Where does our water come from? Where does the dirty water go?

A study into bathrooms and pipes was launched when students in Amy's class wondered about a scary looking opening in the wall in the boy's bathroom.   Many of their questions were answered by Mazda and Hank, two members of our custodial staff.
Mazda talks to pre-K students.  Hank is camera shy.

A flusher is  just a different kind of faucet.

The floor is slanted to let the water run down to the drain.
Students connected this idea to the slanted pipe systems they built.
Water runs down.

The hole in the wall is there for plumbers to fix the pipes.  No ghosts in there after all!

And many of their questions are being answered as they explore pipes and faucets with Johanna.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5th Grade Eco Government Club meets to create Eco Code

Brooklyn New School’s New Sustainable Society

At the Brooklyn New School we want to escalate on the idea of making our school green. We are recycling, composting and gardening; we are also trying our best to save energy by turning off lights. We would like children to stop littering on school grounds and we are planting more plants inside the school building. We want to improve our recycling program and see what we can do about lunch trays. We want to be the greenest school that we can be by having everyone help out with our green environment.

The 5th Grade Eco-Government Club 2013-2014


Sunday, January 12, 2014

BNS Workers...

Paola's first graders interview staff members to  find out about their work...and how they help to green the school.  After the interview they draw the staff member and write up what they learned.

These first graders first focused on large shapes...and then added details.

Some advice if you are the subject.  Don't ask the artists about the details added to your face. Unless you have no vanity at all. 

Another birdhouse and set of plans from K

Friday, January 3, 2014

Paper Comes From Trees? Recycled Paper?

These ideas are too abstract...unless you actually make paper.  First graders begin by changing toilet paper into writing paper. Then paper making begins to make sense.

BNS first graders turned studio 106 A into a paper factory.

First tear 20 squares of  toilet paper into tiny pieces.

Draping a scarf of toilet paper helps speed up work.

Keep tearing.
Just a few more squares to go.
Then add water.
Add natural elements such as seeds.
Shake 150 shakes.
Strain and dry.

Lots of kids were planning on changing toilet paper over break.
Did they?  Let us know.

Kindergarteners Build Bird Houses Out of Found Materials

First, they drew their plans....

Inside first.

and outside second...on tracing paper.

Then  K students  "shopped" for materials and built a model.
Love the combination of natural materials with discarded frozen food box.

In the winter months, K students  will have the chance to build a wood model of a birdhouse.
Johanna is going to lead them in woodworking as part of their choice time.
Volunteers welcomed!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: A New Beginning

Resident of 106A sheds old exoskeleton.   Stick Bug getting ready for a great new year.