Sunday, May 22, 2016

File this Under Empathy?

This may be stretching sustainability theme a bit far.  But had to post these pictures of second graders learning how parts of a suspension bridge feel.  Tension or Compression? Depends on whether you are a tower, buttress, anchorage or the load!

Thanks Steve for teaching us how to bridge  the gap between "teaching" and deep understanding.
Thanks Stefania and Polly for sending in the pictures.

Insect Work Time

First Graders are busy as, sorry,  "bees", doing three important jobs.

Job 1:  Refurbishing the BUG Hotel.

Which room needs some natural materials?

Holes in wood make good homes for insects.

Getting ready to hang materials.

Making entry way holes in cans.

  Head contractor double checked work!  And replaced a few nails.

Job 2:  Pollinating  Flowers to Make More Fruits.

Cross-pollinating Sweet William and Strawberry?  GMO of the future?

Job 3:  Hunting for Garden Friends and Garden Pests

I.D. Chart:  Pests and Friends

Some grubs were removed.  Don't tell kids.  We put them back for the next group to find.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Putting the Bee in BNS

Shelly Fank of Borough Bees, returns to BNS to teach about bees.

Putting up antennas to show they wanted to communicate something.

 After meeting to find out about bees...students did a bee dance from one activity to another.

Trying on beekeeper equipment.

Tasting two kinds of honey:  orange blossom and buckwheat.  O.B. was the favorite!


Looking  at live bees.