Friday, March 27, 2015

Political Action Update: Fifth Graders Support $.10 Fee on Plastic Bags

Amanda, Johanna, and a group of 5th graders show their support for a $.10 charge for plastic bags in front of City Hall.

After listening to lots of  speeches, one BNS student, J., summed the issue up this way:
"Guys, it's really not that difficult. As you all know, plastic bags take a long time to make and even longer to decompose. Think, plastic bags live for ever."

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Crop of Marble Mazes

Gravity + Friction +  Found Objects = Fun for First Graders and Grown-Ups
What are the blue thingies  for? Foam mats make more friction to slow the marble and make more fun.

Kids glue dot  pieces temporarily...

Then they test their mazes with a marble.

And  wait patiently for adults to hot glue obstacles  in place.

Don't you love the use of old puzzle pieces as obstacles?

A grown-up takes time out  to play.

Thanks for the help!

Once finished, kids wanted to publish the rules for their games.
Translation:  You have to roll it in the tube; Try to not get it stuck.  Try to get it in the end.  Do not get it stuck.
Worth repeating: Do not get it stuck.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tree Stewards Readying Tree Pits for Spring

Fourth Graders will take turns working with Johanna to keep our artificial "wetlands" absorbing storm water runoff and beautiful.

It's hard to believe that the tree pits were covered with ice and snow just a week or so ago.

I'm told that students spotted daffodil leaves peaking out.

Fourth Graders Are Learning About Energy

 They are using found materials to make wind-ups that use "elastic" energy.

Students need a long hallway to test their wind-ups.
Problems and Solutions Help Students Trouble Shoot

Trouble shooting led to success.

Trying to explain how the energy transfers from the hidden rubberband to the wheels.

Winding up for another test.

Nneka is helping with some minor adjustments.

Next:  Using K'Nex to Build Working Models of Wind and Water Powered Grist  Mill and Water Lifter