Thursday, June 19, 2014

Edgemere Farm: Sustainability Comes to An Abandoned Lot

Matt's Farm in the Rockaways Teaches First Graders a Powerful Lesson About Community Activism...
See for yourself.
(Photos taken by Jenny and Bill and Tammy.)

Edgemere Farm is a pretty straightforward train ride...G to A to the Rockaways.  

Students oohed and aahed as the train seemed to turn into a boat sailing through the water.

Then they got busy doing chores.

Chores:   making a planting bed.


Encouraging hens to lay eggs.

And harvesting and washing radishes.

One highlight:  A first grader, starting to clean up after lunch knowing to ask:  "Where is your compost bucket?"  Matt's influence continues.

David raises bees at the farm; he generously explained to us about The Queen, her nurses, the drones and the workers.

David and Matt allowed us to taste the local spring honey which was light and lovely.

Matt saw us off with a cooling spray.

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