Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth Grader's Water Quality Study: Student Work--Art & Science

A favorite moment: scanned water color.

Big River is a simulation of a Gowanus Canal Like Place...

"Our grade has been learning about the Gowanus Canal, rainwater runoff, and ways to improve it.  In art, we made future Gowanus Canal models.  In them, we have included green roofs, bioswales, permeable tiles, and more. We have made these out of everyday materials to give the impression of humans improving the environment."

Gowanus Canal of Today.  Notice the yucky greenish water...drawing by Marlen and Kaya

Some examples of the Gowanus of the Future

"Bioswales are ditches in the ground filled with plants that will suck in the rainwater quickly.  So 'dirty' water doesn't overflow into NYC's waterways. "

"Green Roofs are roofs that are slanted with plants on the tops of them.  When rain washes down, it might water the plants below.  The plants on the roof are there so they can filter the dirty water, and so the soil doesn't wash down.  it helps to keep buildings cooler too, and it is a place for migrating birds to land."

"Permeable tiles are concrete tiles that soak up water when it rains so that it doesn't wash trash into NYC's waterways." Text by:  Marlen, Kaya & Talya

With the help of these stormwater run-off systems, the Gowanus of the future looks very blue!

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