Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Crop of Marble Mazes

Gravity + Friction +  Found Objects = Fun for First Graders and Grown-Ups
What are the blue thingies  for? Foam mats make more friction to slow the marble and make more fun.

Kids glue dot  pieces temporarily...

Then they test their mazes with a marble.

And  wait patiently for adults to hot glue obstacles  in place.

Don't you love the use of old puzzle pieces as obstacles?

A grown-up takes time out  to play.

Thanks for the help!

Once finished, kids wanted to publish the rules for their games.
Translation:  You have to roll it in the tube; Try to not get it stuck.  Try to get it in the end.  Do not get it stuck.
Worth repeating: Do not get it stuck.


  1. Great idea--Marble Mazes! To consider: instead of you constructing similar boxes, you could recycle used small cardboard boxes as the containers. Differences in shapes and sizes would be ok.

  2. These wooden boxes come with clementines. They don't seem a sustainable way to pack these fruits. We will certainly consider your idea for next year's work.