Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stanford Alum Gardening Volunteer Day at BNS

No leisurely Saturday brunch for Stanford Alums, friends of 4th grade teacher, Elissa, yesterday.  Instead they were out helping make BNS/BCS Farm a better place to grow.
Kathyrn, parent of a 2nd grader, cut these pickets .
Wood was donated by Build It Green.
Chore:  Paint new set of pickets for 4th graders to write an eco -message.

That's Elissa and Jess.

That's Brad, Jess, and Elissa!

Jordi removing soil from old planter box to be put in new beds.

LeBron had no problem being banned from inside of the school...he just hung out and watched.

Rayna, a in artist..., had no problem painting  the EcoCasita.

Rachel, Jess and the youngest helper...Hazel...swept and raked.

Mulching new beds.

Johanna and Elissa put finishing touches to pickets.

Jobs well done.

Camera shy:  Jordi and Sean, please send pix!

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