Saturday, March 5, 2016

Remember That Island in the Gowanus?

Two of the people from Balmori Associates who worked on the island came to chat with fourth graders about  this floating ecosystem and their work.  Fourth graders will be working on their own projects to help remediate polluted waterways like the Gowanus.  And possibly link one or more of their projects to this island. 

Meet Jessica Roberts, Urban Landscape Designer

Explaining how Prospect Park was designed.

And meet Noemie Lafaurie-Debany, Urban Landscape Architect
Explaining how a green roof works.

Showing a floating island to be built in The Bronx River...the future is greener.

Thank you Jessica and Noemie.  Not only for showing kids that the future is a hopeful place; but for giving kids a place in that future.  Who knows how many BNS students will do as you did...combine a love of art and math and science into work that they are passionate about?

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