Monday, May 9, 2016

Brad Lander Meets with Government and Green Clubs

New York City Council Member, Brad S. Lander, meets with 5th Grade Government and Green Clubs.  

Green Club hands petitions asking for the Cole Street Triangle to be Turned "A Lot Greener."

Later that week, Council Member Lander quotes a Green Club member when arguing for a plastic bag charge.

Brooklyn New School 5th grader Elan Rabiner agrees with Lander. The council member spoke about the bag fee last Monday as a guest of the school’s Green and Government Clubs.
“I like the idea of there being a cost,” said Rabiner, who is a member of the Green Club. “It will help people remember to bring their own bags. With fewer plastic bags, there won’t be as much litter, bags stuck in trees or in the ocean, which can cause sea life to eat the bags and die.”

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