Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Climate Change and the Horseshoe Crab by Layla, Robert, Kiara

Without narration, these images tell about the horseshoe crabs and shore birds and the possible impact of climate disruption on rising seas.

Here is the copy for the voice-over narration:

Climate change affects horseshoe crab mating.
Warm weather causes sea levels to rise, which means the crabs will have less room to lay eggs.
They will have to move further up the beach and that will put them in danger.  Birds could make a meal out of them, or flip them over so that they are vulnerable.

When the crabs mate, the sea level rising, also makes the  vulnerable, because they are clipped together.
(The male is clipped while mating while the female lays the eggs.  He unclips and moves down closer to her tail.  As the female crawls away, he moves back up and fertilizes the eggs.)

 Climate change affects the hatching.  If it is too warm, they might become one gender over another.

When seabirds fly south, they need to feed on the eggs.  Because of climate change, they may find that the eggs have already hatched and that they have no food.

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