Saturday, December 17, 2016

First Grade Farm Celebrations: Held Last Two Weeks of 2016

Botany share ended with plant part tacos in Helen's Class.  Last science class in 2016 ended with a plant part salad in Jenny's Class. A farmer's market will be held in Abby's and Tammy's class this coming week. Jenny's class will share their plant ABC books, sculptures, and an alphabet feast of plant parts this week as well.  And Bill's class will celebrate with food, writings, and students teaching adults some important scientific concepts, too.   Here are some pictures from Jenny's celebration.

After prepping their individual plant part:  seed, root, leaf, stem, fruit or bulb (onion), students cheer as the parts make a whole. beautiful salad.* Delicious too!

 *A fitting metaphor for Jenny's class.

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