Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Back to Valentino Pier

As participants in  the Billion Oyster Project, BNS fourth graders are responsible for checking on our oysters. 

Ta!Da!  Our oyster cage is still there!

 The sifter was full of tiny shrimp that were hanging around our oyster trap.

Counting and massing the oysters is an important protocol.

An oyster of 10.

Who knew?  Cleaning the oyster trap was a very desirable job.

These students are testing the water quality.

Nitrites and nitrates and pH in healthy range!

Dissolved oxygen is about 8 ppm.  Pretty good!

If our data is correct, it looks as if 5 of our 45 oysters were lost. Hoping that spring brings new life and growth.

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Photos submitted by Natalie, ICE high school intern.

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  1. Great report and great photos! The Valentino oysters are lucky to have such good stewards!