Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Won A Green Flag

green flag

The National Wildlife Federation and Eco-Schools awarded it just this week. But it was earned by 10 years of dedicated efforts of the parent volunteers and staff members of the BNS-BCS Green Committee;  the Sustainability Coordinators--Matt and Johanna; our PTA; the administration--Anna and Regina--; teachers and other classroom staff; Dave and the rest of the custodial staff; Beverly and the cafeteria staff; and, of course, our inspired and inspirational students and parents.  Accomplishments:  A farm, pulp trays instead of foam, getting rid of PCBs in our lights, energy reduction, recycling and composting; an outdoor classroom; a Green Studio for sustainability project work, a solar installation, the Ecorama June Fair; Farm to Cafeteria Day... 

We still have a lot to do and we will need the support of the community.  Look for specifics to come.

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