Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Challenging Comment--Time for Eco-Action

Teachers/staff need more education abt. what can be recycled in NYC. I see a tremendous amt. of recyclable plastic containers in the trash in school. Also, plastic bags, which are not recycled by NYC, can be washed & used again, and again.

We usually don't post anonymous comments; but this comment rightly points out that our recycling program is something that the BNS-BCS Green Committee volunteers, BNS Student Eco-Government Club,  our First Graders and the entire school community need to continue to improve.   Under the leadership of Johanna, many new initiatives are being planned to educate, yes the grown-ups, as well as the students how to reduce consumption and if necessary, recycle properly.  We hope that you give up your anonymity and actively join us in making BNS even greener.

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