Wednesday, November 5, 2014

At 610 Henry Fall Means...

That the leaves are turning, that darkness comes earlier, that the last of the fall crops are being harvested, and that it is time for Garden to Cafe Day...a day when students are served fresh, local foods prepared by School Foods, adult volunteers, and 610 Henry cafeteria staff. 
George Edwards,
Coordinator-Garden to Cafe Program, prepared and helped serve kale and carrot salad.
Here he is tasting squash soup prepared by Cammie Lin and  Shelley.
Kale and carrot salad was a hit.

Another DOE chef,  Lyna Vuong, was there also.

A BCS middle school volunteer took time out to get Chef Edwards's salad dressing recipe.
Recipes are included at the bottom of this entry.

A diner displaying her salad.

Each label shows what this student tasted.

Teachers were able to taste some soup and salad as well.

Lettuces and radishes from BNS farms was served.

Beverly and Johanna worked hard to make this day happen.

Thanks also to a large number of  adult volunteers.

And  BCS student volunteers who  helped hand out stickers to kids who tasted  the foods, serve food and...

 other BCS students who led an apple tasting "contest".
The vote will be tallied soon.

Johanna stayed to serve salad, soup, and apples to BCS students during their lunch period.  Next time we will be sure to have enough to serve the entire school.

Thanks to these grown-up volunteers:  Sung, Polly, Fatima and her mom, Laura, Beatriz, Rose, Amy P., Annmarie, Deb L.,  and Tish.

Added Value for the gourds and corn.

Thanks to Tracey for organizing the BCS student volunteers.
1. Angel Lugo 
2. Alisa Singletary
3. Guillemo Lopez
4. Amaya Williams
5. Edward Van Dunk
6. Zahir Reinhardt
7. Sierra Edwards

Spinach & Kale Salad with Shredded Carrots,
Shallots and Herb Vinaigrette

Herb Vinaigrette                                                     

apple cider vinegar
splash apple juice
olive oil
garlic clove
drop of honey
cinnamon (ample)
chili powder (ample)
salt to taste
pepper to taste

Squash Soup made by Parent Volunteers

Butternut Squash Roasted
Olive Oil
Vegetable Stock
Tart Apples
Salt & Pepper

Raspberry Vinaigrette made by 1st grade Farmers
offered with Greens tasting

Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Raspberries
Salt & Pepper
Lemon Juice
Fresh Oregano

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