Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bulb Party

A celebration of  plant bulbs has been going on in the GREEN STUDIO as first graders explore this plant part.

You can really zoom in on the leaves and stem inside of an onion if you print with them.

Internet idea that really worked!  Stick a fork in it....

No party is complete without tasty snacks.  We toasted bread and rubbed garlic on it.  Johanna told students to smell the toast to be sure that they rubbed enough garlic on it.  Then dip the bread in some olive oil with oregano and a garlic bulb clove and eat.  We also reviewed flowers by dipping raw cauliflower.

Bad picture but great smile.  Had to post it.

Hmmm...More garlic?  

Serious chef.
Students each planted a clove of a garlic bulb and a small onion in a bed of damp cotton.  One student invented a way to keep water from evaporating...putting cotton in the holes!  We all followed suit.

A party needs a lot of adult helpers...thanks teachers, paras, student teachers, and other volunteers.

Another popular event at the party was drawing about your "invented plant."

For some reason  Noon named his  plant  Steve.  Which made the party goers even merrier.

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