Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cora's and Josh's Fourth Graders Write About Fracking

I think that fracking should stop.

I think this because:  we have other sources of energy so all of this is kind of pointless.  Also, it is very bad for the environment because the methane gas leaks into the air.  it is a major cause of global climate change.  Also, fracking can cause small earthquakes.  Fracking uses a lot of water.  This water is then dirty.

That is why I think that people should stop fracking. Period.


In my opinion fracking is horrible.  You can say it gives people more jobs. Whatever! I don't care!

The gas and oil companies that are doing the drilling are lying.  They say that the fresh water, the tap water and the streams are still perfectly clean now that they are fracking.  But then, how do they explain the brain tumors, cancer and massive headaches of some people living near the drilling?  And how do they explain the drinking water that people could set on fire, shown in the documentary, GASLAND?  That documentary shows houses within a mile of drills whose water is explosive.  So they are living in healthy houses that become horribly unhealthy and could explode any minute.  The documentary shows people walking near drilling with gas masks on.  That's how dangerous the air is.

Yesterday, a report form the past 10 years by the United States EPA came out on fracking. It took them 10 years to find out that some drinking water could get contaminated.


I think fracking is bad.  it is a major cause of global warming.  It also leaks chemicals into the groundwater, which can poison humans, animals and plants.  Even though gas is one of the cleanest forms of fossil fuel, it still hurts our environment.  It also costs a lot to frack.  Even though a solar panel or water wheel still costs a lot, it's cleaner and, once you have it, you just need to install it.  You don't need to move to different places, too, as you do in fracking.  Therefore, I think that the cons outweigh the pros of fracking.  And that conclusion makes me think that fracking is bad.


In my opinion fracking is not a good thing.  Basically fracking is when you take a rock called shale and drill a hole horizontally into the rock.  This will fracture the shale making tiny cracks in it.  The cracks will not close up because of sand.  Then the gas escapes from the rock and the engineers catch it.  The gases are used to heat homes and power ovens. There are a lot of pros and cons to fracking.  A pro is that we have a lot of natural gas and if we frack the cost of fuel will go down.  A con is when people frack methane gas leaks into ground water and some people's water has that gas in it which can cause their water to catch on fire.  It can also make them sick from drinking the gas.  Fracking can also cause earthquakes.  To me the pros save you money and stuff but the cons are a lot worse--like causing people to get very sick.  That is why I think fracking is not good and should stop.


I feel that fracking is not good for the environment and should not be allowed.  I also feel that fracking is bad for the health of humans.  I will share a few of the reasons why I feel this way below.  

Fracking can waste a lot of water and puts methane gas in the earth [natural gas] into drinking water and if sparks or fire get close to it, it explodes.  Fracking can also make small earthquakes that shake up the ground.

Fracking can poison people and animal with diseases.  Plants can shrivel up because of too much fracking.

Certainly the facts above have proved to you that fracking should not be allowed.  Fracking is destructive to our earth and ecosystem. Fracking affects the lives of people, animals, and plants on our beautiful earth.


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