Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Ecorama 2015

 Fifth and Fourth Graders teaching others--

About attracting helpful insects.

Newly published Field Guide to BNS Pollinator Garden.

Two of the team of  proud authors/illustrators.

Milkweed already attracting insects.

Seed balls to spread  plants for beneficial insects.

About renewable energy.

About wildlife endangered by climate change.

Polar Bear Quiz.  For every wrong answer, you have to remove a bit of the Arctic Ice.

Don't let the polar bears fall in the ocean.

Monarch butterflies' plight told through stop motion animation.

And through poetry...

   by Taylor and Luna

Fly, Fly. Super High.
Wings like shingles.
Fly through the sky.

Coming down
   From the sky
           Knows when

Weather booming.
      Climate change.
                        Losing bad.

As we are watching
    The Greenhouse gases

 Because of a 

                                                            About conserving water when irrigating crops.

About tree pit wetlands, fracking, water powered generators, and other wind and water powered  machines un-pictured.  

More to come in the next entry.
Thanks again to Kristen Eno for amazing photos.

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