Sunday, September 20, 2015

An Island of Hope

Last year fourth graders learned about how humans can work to reclaim a body of water such as the Gowanus Canal.  This year they got to see environmentalists at work.  They got to see a floating island launched into the Gowanus.  

Amanda's and Laurie's kids are cheering some rowers on.
What  are they dragging with them?  A floating island.

Voting for different features  to be placed near the Gowanus using for good idea,  orange for so so idea, red for not a good idea. No one wants a parking lot. but playground got a mix of votes.

What is the job of the domed sections of the island?  Ask a fifth  Ask a fourth grader later in the year!

 Will be anchored in canal close to 7th Street near the Smith and 9th Street Station.
Thank you Gowanus Canal Conservancy.
And a special thank you to Jessica Roberts of Balmori Design Associates for inviting us to share in this amazing experience and for the terrific photos. 


  1. What is it made of? What kind of plants? What is the purpose?

    1. I think that is going to be the fourth grade's work in find the answers to those questions and inform the school community about what they learn!

    2. Elizabeth...I've added some more pictures if you are interested.