Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kindergarten Visits Marine Park Salt Marsh

Marine Park Salt Marsh provided the backdrop for another chance to explore the shoreline around Brooklyn. The park rangers greeted us as we got off the bus and led us through dense brush and changing leaves to the very edge of the marsh waters.

First we took a close look at the sand beneath our feet.

                           What creatures might live here?

The rangers set up their seining net.

Everyone wants a peek at what the rangers caught!

Well hello! Who's this?

These creatures were hitching a ride on the backs of mussels.

The rangers brought a portable fish tank to keep creatures safe.

We got out our sketchbooks and drew what we saw...

... a tiny fish in the tank, with some friends looking on.

Mussels hiding in the reeds...

... here's how they catch their food!

Getting ready for our walk back through the reeds...

... the ranger tells us these berries are poisonous...

... but they make a great dye!

This sumac tree, however...

... provides a tasty snack!

We left the beach just as we found it, a beautiful spot.

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