Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Pipe Investigators!

Kindergarteners are investigating where the pipes in our school go. In small groups, we go exploring, looking for clues that will tell us what they are used for...

First stop: A look under the sink.

Lots of pipes under there to draw!

Some of the pipes are hot!

The radiators are hot, too!

We use flashlights to look inside. We see more pipes in there!

This one goes up to the ceiling! It's hot, too!

We know that some pipes are for water and some are hot and some are cold.  But what about all those pipes on the walls and ceilings?

There are lots of pipes everywhere!

We followed these pipes right into the school office.

They led to a clock...

 ... and over to some big grey boxes.

This one led to a little box. What does it do?

It's the intercom! Regina showed us how it works.

Back in the hallway, more radiators!

 Some even had cages around them. What for?

We followed the pipes up and up.

                                                                          We came to this door at the top. It was locked!   

It had this sign on it.

What is beyond that door?

(Another mystery to solve!)

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