Saturday, April 16, 2016

Indoor Shore with K

On Fridays,  half of the K classes go to a Brooklyn Salt Marsh.  But that doesn't mean the other two K classes don't get to experience the shore.  Why? The shore is brought into their rooms. In Maryann's class last "Indoor Shore" Friday the theme was fish anatomy.

A tracing paper overlaid on a picture of a fish skeleton allowed students to  "flesh" out their own fish.

Caught to be food for people's bodies, these fish are "food" for student brains.

Respectfully handling once living fish. to learn about gills, scales, and fins.

These students are looking at living fish.

Making gyotaku-like prints with fish molds.  Look for the prints in the Kindergarten classrooms and corridors.

Cut out and stuffed with paper, then stapled.

A shout out to Fifth Grade community service volunteers...who arrived to support the adults.  We love community service.  And to Sophie Fels Brennan for running an activity and sending these great photos.

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