Sunday, April 17, 2016

Indoor Shore

Some snapshots of another themed choice/work time.  This time the theme was:  shells.

Shell sort.  

Printing in clay with shells.

Which animal(s) were born with their shell?  Which borrowed theirs?

A hermit crab?  A fiddler crab? A water snail?

What is this? 

Students hypothesized:  "A snake skin?"  "A rattle snake skin?" when they heard the shaker sound.  "Beads? "  Then they dissected the specimen (a whelk egg case) and found tiny shells in each section.  Students pasted the shells on paper to keep them to study later on.

Upon opening the whelk egg case:  "Oh it is a cocoon of shells."

Thank you Celso for sending the photos.  

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