Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016: The Year of Recycling

This year the BNS/BCS Green Committee is dedicated to perfecting the recycling system at 610. Want details?  Read the email  below describing the process of setting up a Third Grade Green Squad.

New Recycling Stations
Good Morning everyone!! (Third Grade Teachers)

This is your friendly paper recycling point-person speaking :)  This year, I am working with Barbara and Johanna and you, the third grade team, to raise awareness of how to recycle paper.  I understand that you might have done this last year with some students.  This year, we would like to include more students (possibly on a 3-week cycle).  

Here's how I understand the project will run:
-Chosen third grade students (maybe two per class) will eat lunch and then meet up with me in my office
-We will have a weekly chart with us, as well as a wheeled paper recycling garbage can
-We will visit each third floor classroom and look through the paper garbage cans in each room
-If the class has done a good job putting only the correct paper into the can, they get a check and we get to dump the paper into the big can
-If the class included other contents in the paper trash, then the room will get a 0 (we may be somewhat flexible about allowing quick fixes when possible :))
-At the end of the week we will tally up each classroom's checks - of course we will be hoping for PERFECT scores!
-We will be documenting our recycling project through pictures for a photo journal.

I believe that before we start collecting, we will visit each classroom to do some educating about what belongs in the paper trash.

So, the first favor I will ask (I'm sure I will need more favors!) is for recommendations from each of you for two students who you feel would benefit from doing this.  These students will be missing most if not all of their recess for the duration of their cycles.  Also, the first set will, I think, be going into other classrooms to talk a bit about the recycling rules.

Whew - This is SO exciting!!!!


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