Sunday, November 27, 2016

Is Your Child Eating More Veggies Lately?

Which apple do you prefer?


Could be a result of Farm to Cafe Day!

Who do you have to thank? 

MS 51 teacher and a cadre of 10 students helped.

Volunteers Set Tables with Fall Produce

Looks like harvest decor whet these appetites.

Squash soup rated yummy.
Lots of volunteers helped serve.

I didn't ask.  Just took picture.

Another volunteer!

Alex, 4th grade teacher, and volunteer sticker "er".

Potato salad smile.

Meh for the dressing...

What do your stickers say?

First Graders wrote up menu and other signs.

More MS 51 students.

And of Course...

 DOE School Foods Staff who prepared enough food for BNS and BCS !

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