Thursday, May 25, 2017


The blue ribbons  have a message from each student.

Keeping pollution out of the nearby waterways has been a focus of fourth grade science and social studies.  Eva's and Kaelyn's students took steps to do just that with their eco-sausages and banner.

Students cut and sewed the letters on the banner.

Landscape fabric eco-sausage being sewn.

Filling with soil.

Local weeds are added to eco-sausage planters. 

An eco-sausage slows down, filters, and absorbs storm water--keeping pollution from local waterways.

Working on "eco-sausage" from two years ago.

Clean up was part of the work.

"We need the environment..."
Absorb the water.

Nearby tree pit being made more absorbent.

Thank you Eco-Heroes.

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  1. Great work, those eco sausages look great and are very functional