Friday, June 2, 2017

New Pollinator in Town

Leaf Cutter Bees, native pollinators, have a home at BNS. (Bee...NS) They are sharing the compost area with our other farm helpers:  the red wrigglers.

New critters for naturalists to study.

Leaf Cutter Bees are native pollinators.  They do not produce honey and are not aggressive.  In fall, we will get Mason Bees.  To get a leg up on your students, and learn more,  visit this website:

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  1. That's Awesome!
    Wednesday I spent about 20 minutes with some prek children watching a bee. Many theories were put out as to why the bee wasn't flying and moving so slow.
    It's dying, it's tired, it's sleepy, it knows we're watching it and it's pretending to be dead like the ladybug, it just stung someone, it's lost, it's wings don't work etc.
    I placed the bee in a nook of a tree. When we came back about 5 min later the bee was walking faster seeming to explore the branch. We watched. Larry watched, then he kicked the tree and the bee flew away. YEAH!

    Sorry, I just had to tell that story.