Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Wet is Educational at BNS

New pipes have tighter , easier connections
Paula Lee Poy, BNS parent, and her sister, Perryne Lokhand Wala, have been working to create afterschool programming that combines gardening, irrigation, and cooking.  Phase 1 is nearly complete. Irrigation.  Two engineers--Granger and Robert--have improved upon Arbo's pipe systems making them more child-(and teacher-) friendly.  These systems will be used to bring water to our outdoor gardens; and hopefully be used indoors, too!  Thanks to Johanna for pictures.  Thanks to 2nd grade teachers and Matt who worked on this project from the beginning.

Stefania's student drawing pipe system using  "old" pipes
New pipes are see-through
New pipes are supported by tripod stands

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