Saturday, January 26, 2013

Third Graders Recycle Paper

Johanna, the BNS Sustainability Coordinator, leads a group of third graders in their paper recycling efforts.
Third Grade Students check pails for non-recyclables before putting  contents in paper recycling  barrel.

Why Third Graders?  As part of their study of Chinese inventions, third graders make paper using recycled fibers as well as new mulberry and/or leek fibers. As a result,  third graders understand the resources and energy it takes to make paper.  And that's why they want to be sure BNS staff and students recycle paper properly.

Third graders found these non-paper items.  Oh! Oh!

Look back to this blog to see how our paper recycling efforts are going.  And be sure to reduce, reuse, and when necessary, recycle paper.  Otherwise the Paper Police might ticket you!

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