Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fourth Graders Use Maps to Discover the Gowanus forests and wetlands of 350 to 400 years ago...

Then they use chalk to draw and write in order to inform others about what they learned.
The map is really two in one...a 1766 map of Brooklyn with a modern day street grid superimposed.
Map was created and given to us by Eymund Diegel.
Students add slogans as well as drawings about what was covered over by concrete.

Students trace the path to pinpoint where they are and what was there in 1766.

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  1. If you want to download a version of the 1766 Map you can download it from here:
    (sign into Issuu, and click on "share" button at bottom of page)

    This one has building footprints:

    And this one has the original 1766 Ratzer Map and overlays split on different pages:

    You can read more about Gowanus History by exploring documents in the Hall of the Gowanus:

    and the Gowanus CSI Project (Creek Scene Investigation) here:

    You can find out about clues and tools for your CSI project here:

    and using Public Lab tools stream hunting for having fun in your backyard:

    Happy stream hunting !