Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hudson River Snapshot Day Rain Date Was a Hit Thanks to the NYSDEC Hudson River Estuary Program

Elissa's and Chris's 4th graders joined hundreds of other students across the state  and checked on the health of New York Bay at Valentino Pier in Red Hook.

Click here to see posted data.
Student Conservation Association Members, Theresa Geelhoed and Erin Maguire led our students exploring the chemical and biological health of the waterways.

A Striped Bass was caught in the first seining.

Students watch seining when they first arrived.

Students took water temperatures...the water was warmer than the air when we first started...

And they tossed in flowers to judge current direction and checked on the turbidity.

Students sketched the natural and human-made surroundings.

Here they are with Erin taking a close up look at the fish.

Theresa was in charge of  testing the chemistry of the water. The pH was 7 .,.. salinity 25  to 28 ppt...dissolved oxygen 8 mg/L.

54 silver sides were caught in second seining.
Pollution is bullying to water!

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