Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Billion Oyster Project: Kaelyn's and Eva's Citizen Scientists

Students connect the trash filled water and recent storm.

Our portion of the hoped for 1 billion oysters is quite small...around 45 of them. But they are paving the way for more. Our data will be used to determine if our site is a good one to re-establish these water filtering, reef habitat building, flood preventing species.   So we were told by John and Ella, two BOP associates.

They need eco-sausages around here to absorb the stormwater.

Ella and John explaining BOP  project.  

John opening oyster cage.  Ella was there too.

Ella !

Ella being documented documenting fish found in cage.

The fish we found was a blackfish:  (Tautoga onitis)

Counting and measuring oysters.

Looks like we didn't lose any oysters and each string gained mass.

Robert, BNS dad, and scientist helped kids measure water quality

After measuring  kids sieved the water surrounding the cage.
We found anemones, barnacles,  newly forming mussels, and amphipods.

Found evidence of oysters spawning.
Excited to be "oyster uncles." 

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