Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It Takes a Village...

It takes a village to make a fence...

Joanie and Nancy asked a group of interested students to design fences  to protect tree pits. (Why?  Fourth graders have learned that tree pits can act like mini wetlands absorbing and filtering rainwater.  That's a big deal when rain water run off can wash pollutants into our water ways and overload sewage treatment plants.)
Too many fences too few trees led to the idea of having each fourth grader designing one picket to make a fence.
Their teachers--Joanie, Nancy, Elissa, and Dolores--led the work.  (With some false starts by Barbara...lettering should be read from top to bottom...limit the number of words...)
Sen and Matt built the frame and cut and painted the pickets made from a recycled lattice screen.
Johanna gathered the materials.
She helped fourth graders amend the tree pits and plant in them.
Sen put the pickets up.
Dave and Mazda added compost to the tree pits.

The beginning of a new tradition?
We have three more unprotected trees!
It takes a village.

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  1. So beautiful! The slats remind me of books lined up on a shelf! It would be fun to have kids create a spine of their fave book for next year's tree(s). Count me in to help (as long as I can make one too!)