Monday, June 10, 2013

Lila, Toshi, and Micaela's Blog on Solar Energy

Here is a copy of their page from Glogster...
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Here is the paragraph large enough to read:

The solar panel uses the sun's energy to power the house.  The solar energy turns into electricity.  If it creates electricity it is considered ACTIVE solar energy.  Solar panels work by capturing the sun's energy.  Solar panels have lots of silicon in them.  Silicon is a type of metal that is full of electrons.  When the sun's energy hits the silicon, it knocks off the electrons.  The electrons can then be used to light a light bulb, heat water, power a fan, and more.

Watts are what we use to measure electricity.  We use kilowatts (that's thousands of watts) each day, but watts are expensive.  That's okay, not only is using sun's energy pollution free, but it's free.  You can save loads of money from using that giant ball of hydrogen in the sky!  Another great thing about using solar energy is more energy from the sun hits the earth in 1 hour, than we use in an entire year!  So there is no shortage of energy.  I know I want to switch to solar energy.

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