Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simple Ways You Can Help the Earth by J-Lynn....

Fuels we use are made of carbon.  (Millions of years ago dinosaurs and plants died. Their remains turned into petroleum and coal--which are carbon.)

Cars, planes, electrical factories--all use carbon fuels.

When carbon burns it mixes with oxygen to make carbon dioxide gas.

Carbon dioxide gas causes the Earth to get warmer, because carbon dioxide gas traps heat.

Here are some ways to help slow down climate change.

1. Unplug!  When you plug in devices, it wastes electricity.  Electrical factories will have to burn more carbon fuel to make more electricity.  The less electricity the less carbon dioxide gas will get in the air.

2.  Turn off!  When you leave the room, make sure all of the lights are off.  Because the electrical factories will have to burn more carbon fuel if you leave them on.

3.  Less plastic!  Don't drink out of plastic bottles. In the factories where they are made, they have to use carbon fuels.  Water bottles are brought to stores by trucks that burn fossil fuels.

4.  Exercise!  Is the place you are going to close?  Walk, take your bike, or your scooter.  Just don't use your car too much.  When cars are used, they release carbon dioxide gas in the air.  So don't drive, exercise.  It helps you stay fit, saves gas for when you really need it, and most importantly helps the planet stay cooler.

5.  Think!  Before you throw that something out,  think: Can you give that to your younger sibling?  Can you sell it?  Better yet, donate it?  Fossil fuels--made out of carbon--are used to make and take them to stores and bring them to landfills.

6.  Garden!  Grow fruits, flowers, and trees.  These plants take in carbon dioxide gas to help the Earth stay cooler.

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